Questions answered here constitute most of those we receive. If you don’t find your answer here or elsewhere on our site, we encourage you to inquire via our contact page. It is our pleasure to help you.

 How much does a dome home cost?

Residential Dome contruction costs are approximately the same as for conventional construction. For a rough, general idea of costs, we have a cost estimator to calculate a very rough cost and size of the dome. Please note, this estimator is NOT equivalent to a contractor’s estimate and does not include many items such as real estate, sidewalks, local cost variations and more.

Do you have plans or where can I obtain plans?

We have some plan samples on our website and there are a variety of plans on the MDI website to give you ideas. Ultimately, it is best to decide what your needs are and rough sketch a plan showing primary items and rooms. That will help us, or another contractor or architect, to know about what you want, and get you off to a good start.

Are there any dome contractors in my area?

The number of Monolithic Dome contractors is growing steadily. The Monolithic Dome Institute can best help you to locate one in your area.

What is the construction time period?

Construction of a complete Monolithic Dome structure has two main parts, the dome itself and the interior finishing, including walls, doors and windows. Construction time for both areas are, of course, determined by their complexity. Generally, construction of the dome shell is significantly a shorter time than conventional construction. Interior completion is about the same as conventional. Your contractor can give a better idea for your particular design.

Do you have construction kits?

Due to the monolithic design, rather than fit together components, Monolithic Domes are not available in kit form.

Do you build off site and ship?

For all typical situations, a Monolithic Dome is too large to ship via a highway, especially over any great distance.

How can I get things started and are there any local builders than can make this happen for me?

The first thing is to know what you want by making a plan and rough design requirements — our planning page can help. Then contact MDI to find a contractor in your area.

Can I arrange a meeting with you to discuss a dome?

We are happy to meet with anyone who is serious about building a Monolithic Dome. We respectfully request that you have first completed your initial planning, know what you want and are ready to proceed with final design details and begin construction.

Can you send me information on domes?

General information can be found on this website and the MDI website, and we are available for specific questions. If you require something in printed form, we have a small brochure that can be requested through our contact page. We also have books available here.