Why is the Monolithic Dome "Green?"

Monolithic Dome - Alaska

We are often asked, “Why is the Monolithic Dome “Green?” As an answer to this question, we have outlined three of the most salient “green” points: Sustainability, energy efficiency, and use of green materials. The Monolithic Dome is a permanent structure that is easy to maintain, will save the dome owner around fifty percent on heating and cooling costs, and uses the smallest surface area to enclose a space. The Monolithic Dome is one of the most environmentally friendly, green buildings available.

Monolithic Domes: The Ultimate "Green" Building?

The attributes you value in Monolithic Domes may be their exqusite beauty and simple construction, or, perhaps, their efficient use of materials, or their structural integrity, or their energy efficiency. I, among the many advocating for sustainable living, value all these characteristics and consider Monolithic Domes as potentially the greenest of all building alternatives.